Small-site problem solved by Echo

THE difficult job of manoeuvering bulky mobile cranes into small building sites has been made a lot easier by Echo Floors with investment in a specialized truck-mounted crane to facilitate the installation of hollow-core concrete flooring panels. The crane is a key tool in Echo Floors’ newly established department geared to serve the domestic home-building market.

“Small sites and restricted access into estates and complexes have previously excluded Echo from some of these types of developments,” says Melinda Louw, marketing director of South Africa’s largest manufacturer of hollow-core concrete flooring slabs. “Architects and developers have frequently expressed preference for the hollow-core concrete panel system, because of its proven benefits, but have not always been able make use of it because of space restrictions.”

Smaller than the mobile cranes generally used for the purpose, Echo’s truck-mounted crane means small or restricted sites are less of an impediment to the use of hollow-core concrete floor slabs, she says.