Concrete Security Walls

All security walls are prestressed hollow-core slabs adapted for use as walls. The walls have the same material content as for the floor slabs, except the reinforcing is adapted for a walling application. The side formation of the panel is also adapted to a tongue and groove configuration as security walls are not grouted.

Echo Security walls are used for high end security requirements e.g. airports, military bases, industrial and commercial parks, mines, prisons and any operations that requires over the top security.

(These security walls CAN’T be compared with conventional precast walls).

  • The soil quality: Suitable for soil conditions with a minimum bearing pressure of 100KPa.
  • Wind resistance (The requirements are different on each project).
  • Water drainage (weep holes)
  • Wall accessories such as razor wire structures – electrical wires, CCTV cameras etc.
  • Wall height specifications – 2400mm – 4800mm generally 600mm of the wall is below ground with a maximum of 4200mm above ground.


Depending on the soil conditions the foundation of the wall could be cast in-situ or done in precast with a steel (Hot dipped galvanised) column typically an “H” section bolted to the foundation. Then the hollow-core panels typically 6000mm long are installed between the columns in a horizontal positon. The panels are wedged into the flanges of the column and then grouted. The side formation of the wall slabs are tongue and groove which form the shear key between the panels.

Typically the slab depth used for a security wall is 120mm or 150mm prestressed slabs.

  • Increased productivity / reduced labour
  • Echo construct the wall at a rate three times faster than in-situ or brickwork – speed is the over-riding advantage.
  • Virtually impregnable wall – 50MPa concrete prestressed wire and strand on both sides of the wall slab. Smooth surfaces with no foot hold to climb the wall.
  • No other product on the market has the same strength and durability.
  • NO MAINTENANCE REQURIED: Only the odd clean-up of pollutants like dust and general pollution.
  • The entire wall can be dismantled and moved elsewhere.
  • The product is mostly recyclable.

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