Services Offered

Echo provide a complete service, from the professional design to the manufacture, delivery, installation and grouting.


  • Advice on how to economise the slab design.
  • Detailed slab design.
  • Detailed layout drawings.
  • Design and Engineer certification.
  • Site measurement.
  • The manufacture of the panels according to as built site dimensions.
  • The full installation service including the delivery.
  • The design supply and installation of structural steel over openings in load-bearing walls (If necessary).
  • The grouting of the longitudinal joints between the panels (using the client’s material).

The level of design service offered by Echo is for the slab only and the odd steel beam required over large openings. The Echo layout drawing service and Engineer’s certificate is included in our price. Slabs are supplied to suit “AS BUILT” dimensions which are checked by Echo’s installation teams. Should you require Echo’s independent engineer to design the foundations and structure the charge will be independent of Echo’s quote.

All designs are in accordance with:

  • SANS 10100:1 – Design
  • SANS 10100:2 – Materials and execution of works

  • 10 Tonne mobile working inside a building

Reinforced and prestressed concrete slabs are delivered to site on trucks and hoisted into place by a mobile or truck-mounted crane. Clear access to the building is required to erect the concrete slabs – gate access must have a clear opening greater than 3,5m.

A 7m area is required for the crane’s stabilising outriggers and the size of the crane will depend on the project. Installation of 400-600m² per day is achievable within an 80km radius of the factories, while 250-300m²can be expected on long distance projects.

To obtain a flush ceiling, all load-bearing walls must be level with the internal walls. Echo do line and level the slabs as best possible and packers are used for this purpose. Before the slabs are loaded with bricks, the space between the brickwork and the slab (created by the spacer) has to be hard-packed with a dry motar mix – only then should traffic be allowed above the slab.

The grouting forms part of the structural integrity of the concrete slabs, Echo does the grouting according to strict procedure. The grouting for both types of precast concrete slabs provided by Echo, allow for lateral load distribution from one slab to the other. The reinforced concrete slabs have castellated sides while the prestressed system has a wine glass shape which ensures that the grout won’t pop out. The grout mix is a 25MPa riversand: cement mix.


The 120mm, 150mm, 170mm and 200mm slabs require 1m³ of river sand and 10 pockets of ordinary Portland cement per 100m² of slab. The 250mm deep slabs require 1.5m³ of river sand and 15 pockets of cement per 100m².

All of the above are services offered by Echo Group