Reinforced Concrete Floors

Suitable for SHORT SPAN APPLICATIONS. Our reinforced concrete floors are cast in a mould with core formers which create the hollow-core formation.




Material Content

Concrete Strength: The 28-day compressive strength of the concrete mix is 50 MPa – the high-strength concrete facilitates rapid curing.

Reinforcing Content: 450MPa high tensile steel Y8 and Y12 – varying in number per panel – Determined according to panel lengths and imposed load specifications.

Standard Sizes

Depth: 150mm – 50-100mm 30 MPa concrete topping applied if a deeper section is required.
Length: The reinforced concrete slabs come in 100mm increments, up to 8 200mm.
Width: 900mm
None Standard Widths: In 100mm incriments.

Echo reinforced concrete panels are dry cut to suit on-site dimensions. The concrete floor stock levels are adjusted according to demand – the minimum stock level is 20 000m² the product is delivered and erected 2-5 days after the site (as built) dimensions have been checked.


The pallets are stacked prior to steam curing

The hoods in place – curing for 8-10 hours proposed to achieve compressive strength of 30 – 35MPa in this time frame.