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The Echo Group – A Brief History For The IPHA Journal

The Echo Group, South Africa’s largest hollow-core slab manufacturer, first saw light of day as Constantia Echo (Pty) Ltd in 1982. The company was established to manufacture reinforced hollow-core slabs, initially for the residential market, by a Mr E Cuyvers, a Belgian entrepreneur and founder of Echo Belgium. The plant was located on some farmland … Continued

Zeerust domestic building

ECHO FLOORS’ newly launched operating section which is specially geared to the needs of the domestic home-building market has come to the rescue of an owner-builder who faced materials supply problems when he chose a remote rural site for his new home. The site, 20km from Zeerust in NW Province, made the availability of raw … Continued

Concrete panels “only solution”

DEVELOPERS of the 24-block Strelitzia apartment s complex in Greenstone, Johannesburg, say using the Echo hollow-core prestressed concrete flooring panel system enabled them to complete the huge project six months earlier than would have been the case had they employed a conventional flooring method. For Balwin Properties, the panels provided the logical solution to the … Continued

Hollow-core slabs construction speed impresses engineers

SPEED of installation, quality finish and cost-effectiveness of the prestressed hollow-core floor slab system impressed engineering professionals involved in the 60-room addition to the Protea Hotel in Hilton, KZN. One engineer for the main contractors estimated the work was completed a month sooner than had conventional concrete flooring slab techniques been used. The system is … Continued

Floor screeds crack as contractors cut corners

The dropping or lowering of standards in the construction industry has been under the media spotlight for the past five years or more; and for good reason. Incidents of failure, some of them major and incurring injury and loss of life, have led to huge wastage in human and material resources. It is a dangerous … Continued

Echo taps domestic home market

HOLLOW-CORE concrete floor panel manufacturer Echo Floors has established a separate operating department geared specifically to serve the domestic home-building market, now showing the first signs of recovery from economic downturn. Located at the company’s manufacturing plant near Honeydew, in Gauteng, the new unit is offering a package of specialized professional solutions for building contractors, … Continued

Housing “off the shelf” from Echo

REINFORCED concrete floor panel manufacturer Echo Floors is helping speed the pace of small-scale and individual housing projects by assembling a special stockpile of reinforced hollow-core floor slabs to ensure on-demand delivery to building sites. The stockpile, of between 40 000m² and 60 000m², is ensuring “off-the-shelf” delivery to smaller-scale projects such as one-off home … Continued

Keeping it green, safe and healthy

WHERE concrete panels are used in multi-floor construction projects – especially high-rise apartment blocks – environmental and safety factors are assuming more significant dimensions than ever. “They’re two sides of the same coin,” says Melinda Louw, marketing director of Echo Prestress, South Africa’s largest manufacturer of pre-stressed hollow-core concrete flooring panels. An untidy workplace is … Continued

Small-site problem solved by Echo

THE difficult job of manoeuvering bulky mobile cranes into small building sites has been made a lot easier by Echo Floors with investment in a specialized truck-mounted crane to facilitate the installation of hollow-core concrete flooring panels. The crane is a key tool in Echo Floors’ newly established department geared to serve the domestic home-building … Continued

SA’s largest prestressed hollow-core concrete panel retaining wall project

The construction of The Houghton, a development comprising two luxury residential apartment blocks (Houghton 1 and Houghton 2) and a 180 room boutique hotel development (Houghton 3), has entailed South Africa’s largest deployment of prestressed hollow-core concrete panels as retaining walls to date. Spanning approximately 2 000m at an average height between 3.2m – 5.0m, … Continued