Author: Melinda

What type of floor are you buying?

THE FLOOR slab is one of the elements in a building construction most likely to cause problems, such as cracking, deflection – or even collapse in a worse-case scenario. Therefore it’s critically important that home-owners, and building contractors too, know how to identify a genuine hollow-core precast concrete floor slab. This advice comes from Echo … Continued

Concrete panels and the sound of music

THE excellent sound insulation qualities of the prestressed hollow-core concrete floor slab system – added to the bonus of speed of construction, quality finishes and economy – were high-priority reasons for the selection of Echo Prestress flooring panels in the construction of Durban’s elegant new KZN Music House. The recording studio is essentially a simple … Continued

Echo safety measures achieve zero stoppages

STATUTORY regulations guarding health and safety in the workplace are being far exceeded by hollow-core concrete floor slab manufacturer Echo as employees get more closely involved in safety and quality management issues. And as a result, “zero stoppages” over health or safety issues are being routinely achieved on building sites, says Echo Group Operations Manager … Continued

PRECAST CONCRETE SLABS – An investigation by Echo

Precast concrete is in the forefront of construction in First World countries such as the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada and throughout Western Europe. It is also gaining ground in developing countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. And here in South Africa, too, precast is a name which defines fresh, innovative thinking … Continued

Twin Technologies Break Record

A fast-track building operation combining prestressed hollow-core concrete panel flooring with a light-weight steel frame structure enabled contractors to erect a three-storey, 90-room barracks building for the Botswana Defence Force in barely 20 weeks. It was the first time in that country that a light steel-framed structure had been built incorporating solid concrete flooring – … Continued

Three Rivers success

A striking illustration of how precast concrete panel flooring can radically trim costs by speeding construction time is the Three Rivers apartment block project in Vereeniging, where clever application of the system turned a design that was initially considered uneconomical and un-saleable into a commercial success. The original design, providing for an in-situ frame and … Continued

Echo R&D Advances Precast’s Role

RESEARCH AND new product development by Echo Group is advancing precast concrete as a building system of choice by stimulating new and innovative thinking in the design and construction of high-density residential building and social housing projects. “Echo has research and development projects under way which will place the group among international leaders in the … Continued

Ground-breaking Echo Plan to Speed Housing

FROM ground level to the topmost roof of a high-rise apartment block, new products from Echo hollow-core concrete flooring technology are helping to step up the pace of government programmes to build homes for the needy. With a track-record dating back to the earliest days of the new government’s social housing projects in Johannesburg in … Continued

Back to the drawing board saves deadline, costs

A back-to-the-drawing-board design using Echo hollow-core prestressed concrete flooring slabs has brought a rain-delayed R9-million construction project in Johannesburg back on schedule – and in the process cut R300 000 off the original budgeted cost. Heavy rains which turned the building site into a mud-bath had threatened to seriously delay completion of major additions to … Continued

Echo moves into Cape floor slab market

THE Echo Group, South Africa’s largest manufacturer of hollow-core concrete floor slabs, has acquired ownership control of the Cape manufacturer Topfloor Concrete Ltd, giving Echo a national footprint in the highly competitive precast and prestressed floor industry. Echo already has two manufacturing plants in Gauteng and one in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Echo chairman Peter Lord said … Continued