Month: April 2016

An invitation to ALL Architects

CPD Points offered for a Presentation on Precast Hollow-Core Concrete Floors and Walls TWO OPTIONS OFFERED Part 1 OR Part 2 in one session = 0,2 CPD Point OR Part 1 & Part 2 in 2 separate sessions = 2 x 0,2 CPD Point THE FOLLOWING VENUES ARE OFFERED Presented at your office. The minimum … Continued

Impregnable Echo Wall guards metal plant

ONE of South Africa’s largest steel manufacturers has ringed its Wadeville raw scrap processing plant with a formidable security wall made from toughened Echo prestressed hollow-core concrete panels – and in the process completely eliminated costly losses from scrap theft. The huge wall, 1,2km long, 4,2m high and topped with a 500mm steel palisade, forms … Continued

Echo slabs answer “Give us homes” cry

One of South Africa’s most important development imperatives is to answer the distress calls of hundreds of thousands of South Africans for a decent roof over their heads. In the creation of new high-density housing communities, the Echo Group, the country’s largest manufacturer of hollow-core concrete flooring slabs, is playing a pivotal role. ECHO’s advanced … Continued

Exclusive Supplier Accolade for Echo

SUMMERCON, one of Gauteng’s biggest and busiest home-building companies, has appointed the Echo Group as “exclusive supplier” of hollow-core concrete floor slabs for its sectional-title forward development programmes. “We have tried other hollow-core slabs on an ‘experimental’ basis, but in the end we found that Echo’s combination of product quality, design expertise and on-site professional … Continued

Local Building Practice Antiquated and Expensive

South Africa is 30 to 40 years behind the developed and much of the developing world in the construction of multi-storey buildings. The substantial economic advantages which European, American and Asian construction companies are realising through the extensive use of hollow-core concrete slabs and other precast concrete elements, has to date, largely been lost to … Continued

The Echo Group – A Brief History For The IPHA Journal

The Echo Group, South Africa’s largest hollow-core slab manufacturer, first saw light of day as Constantia Echo (Pty) Ltd in 1982. The company was established to manufacture reinforced hollow-core slabs, initially for the residential market, by a Mr E Cuyvers, a Belgian entrepreneur and founder of Echo Belgium. The plant was located on some farmland … Continued

Zeerust domestic building

ECHO FLOORS’ newly launched operating section which is specially geared to the needs of the domestic home-building market has come to the rescue of an owner-builder who faced materials supply problems when he chose a remote rural site for his new home. The site, 20km from Zeerust in NW Province, made the availability of raw … Continued

Concrete panels “only solution”

DEVELOPERS of the 24-block Strelitzia apartment s complex in Greenstone, Johannesburg, say using the Echo hollow-core prestressed concrete flooring panel system enabled them to complete the huge project six months earlier than would have been the case had they employed a conventional flooring method. For Balwin Properties, the panels provided the logical solution to the … Continued

Hollow-core slabs construction speed impresses engineers

SPEED of installation, quality finish and cost-effectiveness of the prestressed hollow-core floor slab system impressed engineering professionals involved in the 60-room addition to the Protea Hotel in Hilton, KZN. One engineer for the main contractors estimated the work was completed a month sooner than had conventional concrete flooring slab techniques been used. The system is … Continued